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Myelofibrosis SCT Timing Tool

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Myelofibrosis is an incurable cancer affecting blood producing cells in the marrow. In its chronic state, its symptoms can often be controlled for long periods of time. The only potential cure is stem cell transplantation (SCT), the replacement of diseased blood producing cells with healthy cells from a qualified donor.

Myelofibrosis carries the risk of progression and transformation to acute myeloid leukemia at which time the odds of a successful SCT outcome are reduced.

Without monitoring biological signs through various lab tests, patients who are being successfully treated for management of their myelofibrosis symptoms can be unaware of their growing risk.

Several scales have been developed and validated over the years to assess that risk culminating in the Dynamic International Prognostic Scoring System (DIPSS) that measures five critical indicators: age, physical symptoms, hemoglobin, leukocyte count and circulating blasts.

The DIPSS + score further refines that scoring system with additional risk factors, including karyotype, transfusion dependency and platelet count.

The Spectrum SCT Timing Tool (SSTT) converts the results of DIPSS+ scale readings into a clear color signal to patients and their hematologists indicating the advancing risk of disease progression and the growing need to consult a transplantation team. The SSTT also includes assessment of two additional risk factors – fibrosis levels and the presence of High Risk Mutations    —  for review by your hematologist.




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