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Originally called Molecular Biology for English Majors the current seminar series is now called Genetics for MPNs,  thus addressing both the subject and the object of the enterprise.   The first title, however, conveyed the intent of these seminars, i.e., interpret the flood of highly relevant findings emerging from scientific journals for the subjects of all this work:  Patients with myeloproliferative disorders..  The idea is to empower patients with materials to share with their primary care physicians and hematologists in order to help secure the most effective therapeutic outcome.

Zhenya Senyak, a 15 year veteran of essential thrombocythemia, progressed to early stage myelofibrosis in 2009.  Based on his MF diagnosis and clear need to get up to speed on MPN clinical trials and the mechanisms of molecular biology  he created this program.

Genetics for MPNs is co-hosted by and MPD-NET  Units or links to full units, appear on both sites and advance units along with comments and discussion are e-mailed to seminar registrants.

Enjoy, watch the animated videos, and freely pass along to friends and relations. The cause and cure of our MPNs is in our genes.  Let’s have a look.


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